Greater work efficiency

With Polydress® O2 BARRIER 2IN1, the underlay film used for coverage is attached to the silage film. This enables you to cover a silo in just one working step. This means that your work effort will be significantly less than with traditional silage films.

Independent film separation

Polydress® O2 BARRIER 2IN1 already attaches to the silage while it is being covered. In absorbing moisture from the environment, the underlay film separates itself independently from the silage film after a few days, nestling on the surface of the silage.

Excellent silage quality

The special barrier characteristics of the polyamide underlay film, including an oxygen barrier that has been improved by a factor of six to ten, prevent the entry of oxygen into the feedstock. This leads to reduced fermentation losses and minimal mold formation, ensuring higher-quality silage.

Good accessibility

Although the film combination is only half as thick as a conventional cover consisting of two separate films, one can walk on Polydress® O2 BARRIER 2IN1 without hesitation. For the absorbed moisture increases the strength, elongation and puncture resistance of the underlay film.

Secure sustainability

The separation of the two materials in use supports a sustainable recycling concept. As 40% less raw material is required for the production of Polydress® O2 BARRIER 2IN1, as well as 50% less packaging materials, the film also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection, while also reducing disposal costs.

Outstanding innovation

The application and environmental benefits of Polydress® O2 BARRIER 2IN1 also convinced the experts of the DLG Innovation Commission at the EuroTier 2012. Its international jury awarded a silver medal to the new silage film from RKW – not the first prestigious award for the film.