Silage Films

High-quality yields and customized solutions for every requirement – all ensured by the silo and silage film products from RKW.

Polydress® O2 BARRIER 2IN1 is the world’s first combination of a polyethylene silage film and a polyamide underlay film of 6 m (19') up to 18 m (59'). The silage film innovation from RKW offers compelling work and environmental benefits and guarantees high, stable silage quality.

Polydress® silage films are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and stand for a high degree of reliability in tough everyday use, and are available from 4 m (13') up to 20 m (65'). The high-quality films have been tried and tested, both in livestock operations and in silage production for biogas facilities.

The precondition for high quality silage is a quality silage film with a thickness of at least 0.15 mm (6 mil) that ensures the required gas impermeability. Renoplan® silage films from RKW offer this – and much more.

For the optimal protection of silage, RKW provides cover films from wepelen® for practical applications. The films are available from 6 m (19') up to 18 m (59').