Significant energy savings

Thanks to its distinctive insulation properties (thermal conductivity value of 3.3 W/sq. m.K), Polydress® LP-Keder offers a high level of energy efficiency. Its construction principle (air bubbles, keder, profile) prevents any leaks or thermal bridges, so that up to 95% of the heat radiation can be retained. This allows you to save money.

High transparency

Polydress® LP-Keder guarantees the uniform illumination of the entire horticultural area. At the same time, the air cushion bubbles (1,000 bubbles per sq. m.) ensure a diffuse illumination inside. This prevents the formation of shade and burning glass effects.

High resilience

Another plus point of the film is its high resilience. Unlike some other films, Polydress® LP-Keder can withstand the standardized drop weight test without any consequences. Due to its high quality, Polydress® LP-Keder can bear high surface loads by sectioning off the roof surface.

Weatherproof greenhouse cover

Polydress® LP-Keder represents the highest degree of security for a greenhouse cover. Experience has shown that the horticultural area is well-protected, even in the event of hail, snow or high winds. Even “Lothar”, the storm of the century in 1999, had no adverse effects on the film.

Long-term UV stability

RKW guarantees the five-year UV stability of Polydress® LP-Keder at 100 Kly/y. Even under the most severe climatic conditions, no changes in color or clouding will occur, and the film will not weaken in any way.

Easy installation

Polydress® LP-Keder can be easily cut with a knife or scissors. The low weight of the strips of keder allows for simple installation and simple replacement of old or defective sections.

Trouble-free recycling

Polydress® LP-Keder is a polyethylene film that can be completely recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner or thermally reused in secure fashion.