RKW Wasserburg

On Friday, August 21, 2015, there was a high pressure blow-out on one production line in our RKW Wasserburg site in Germany. There were no casualties.

As a precaution the premises were evacuated immediately and thanks to the professional and vigilant actions taken by our team in Wasserburg along with the support of the local emergency services the situation was quickly under control. Parts of one extrusion line were damaged by the blow-out.

Production at the whole site was halted while expert investigations into the root cause were underway to eliminate any danger. The investigation is now complete and the all-clear has been given. RKW has already re-started production.

The RKW Wasserburg site produces 40,000 mt a year of polyolefin films. The company has had an excellent safety record since the plant started its manufacturing activities in 1964.