RKW Strengthens Competence Center for RKW ProVent® with the Latest Printing Technology

New 10-Color Flexographic Printing System and Peripherals at the Modernized RKW Plant in Echte

Frankenthal (Germany), July 12, 2016 – RKW has invested over five million Euros in the company’s plant at Echte. In the fourth quarter of 2016, RKW will bring a new 10-color flexographic printing machine into operation, expanding capacity for the self-venting RKW ProVent® plastic bag and other industrial bag solutions. The new system will enable the company to offer increased supply chain flexibility and is especially relevant in meeting growing customer demand for a wide variety of high-quality print designs. RKW’s investment also includes a color mixing system and various modernization measures.

“The RKW ProVent® packaging solution is an international growth driver for us. Interest in the product is being significantly driven by rising demands for high-quality print”, explains RKW Board Member Matthias Kaufmann. “Customers are increasingly asking for plastic bags with distinctive print designs to distinguish themselves from the competition. At the same time, the trend for lot sizes calls for a very high degree of flexibility. That is why we took the decision to invest in the latest technology resources, thereby supporting the site’s strategic orientation.”

Echte is the competence center for RKW ProVent®, the plastic-based FFS alternative to paper packaging for powdered, moisture-sensitive goods. For building materials as well as in the food and chemical industries in particular, the self-venting plastic bag offers customers significant advantages during transportation and storage. RKW ProVent® provides effective protection against the weather and enables companies to store moisture-sensitive products outside during the winter as well. With more than 350 million bags sold, RKW ProVent® has set standards for the industry.

“RKW ProVent® noticeably boosts sales, as end-users are showing a clear preference for user-friendly plastic packaging. What’s more, its attractive appearance means that RKW ProVent® is ideal as a brand ambassador and strategic product differentiation tool. Manufacturers can, thus, secure a competitive advantage if they become the first in their segment to deploy RKW ProVent®”, explains Steffanie Rohr, Head of Marketing and Communications Packaging.

The 10-color flexographic printing represents a technological benchmark for a large range of design options. RKW is thus strongly positioned to meet customer demand for complex and diverse prints. A variety of automation modules allow fast changeover times by ensuring a quick and efficient job change. This enables RKW to more effectively meet the demand for smaller lot sizes. The flexographic printing machine has a fully automatic color management system that enables accurate color matching to achieve high print quality. The entire web width can be monitored during the production process, ensuring consistently high print quality from one end of the roll to the other.

RKW has also installed a modern and resource-efficient color mixing system, which is characterized by efficient solvent recovery and far exceeds the legal requirements for environmental protection. The solvent vapors are automatically sucked in and thermally burned. This produces heat that is used for the operation of the color dryer. Dirty solvents are distilled and re-used, which contributes to lower solvent consumption.

The recent investments build on a series of modernization measures that RKW has implemented at the Echte site over recent years. Among other things, the company has invested in prepress and a laboratory for quality control, optimized the productivity of core facilities and increased storage capacity. In the near future, RKW plans to make further investments with the aim of strengthening the Echte plant and the RKW ProVent® division.

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The RKW Group

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In the fiscal year 2015, RKW generated total sales of EUR 953 million. About 3,000 employees process over 405,000 tonnes of plastic materials at more than 20 locations around the world. True to the corporate slogan “When excellence matters”, the company, which was founded in 1957, offers outstanding performance in terms of quality and service. Respect and reliability are the core values of RKW and form the basis of the company’s success.

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