RKW Michelstadt Supports Regional Charitable Institutions

Gerd Beller (left) from the voluntary fire service in Michelstadt accepts a check for EUR 400 and thanks Sven Schrothe, the General Manager RKW Michelstadt

Donations Instead of Christmas Presents

Michelstadt, January 7, 2016 – Instead of giving customers and business partners Christ­mas presents, the RKW Michelstadt Site is donating EUR 800 to charitable organizations. Half of this went to the voluntary fire service in Michelstadt and the other half to the Ger­man Red Cross in Erbach.

The General Manager RKW Michelstadt, Sven Schrothe, is sure that RKW’s customers and business partners endorse the idea of supporting charities based in the Site’s region at Christmas. The voluntary fire service in Michelstadt and the German Red Cross in Erbach have been working together with the RKW Michelstadt Site for years. The voluntary fire service is involved in large-scale exercises, e.g., in evacuation measures during fire alarms, and the German Red Cross in the training of company first-aiders.

At an official ceremony in Michelstadt, Gerd Beller from the voluntary fire service was presented with the RKW donation. The money will be used for junior fire service expenditures. The German Red Cross in Erbach will use the donation for its first-aider training activities.

The RKW Group

The RKW Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality plastic films and nonwovens.

On an annual basis, the Group’s more than 3,000 employees process over 420,000 tons of plastic materials in 23 locations around the world.

The RKW Group offers a broad range of product and service solutions in films and nonwovens for the hygiene and medical field, for the converting industry, for industrial and consumer pack­aging as well as for the agricultural and construction sectors.

For almost 60 years, the RKW Group has been setting standards in terms of quality, innovation, and service from which our local and global customers benefit.

In 2014, the independent family-run company achieved sales of over €940 million.

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