Sustainability as Triple Responsibility

The term “sustainability” is used in many contexts. But what does it mean for one of the largest manufacturer of films and nonwovens? The RKW Group lives sustainability based on a triple responsibility: economy, ecology, and social matters. These aspects govern our pro-active behavior – driven by the commitment of a responsible and successful company. 

Ecological awareness is predominant: saving natural resources, reducing emissions and taking our part in limiting or preventing environmental damage. 

This is important, but sustainability is a lot more: it comprises a whole number of different demands which show their optimum effect on man and the environment in their interaction



Environmental protection, quality, reliability and long-term customer relationships – this is the solid basis for economical success.


From development through to disposal – in all phases of the product lifecycle, emissions, immissions, and waste are reduced.

Social Matters

Assuming responsibility – for the employees of the RKW Group.