The RKW Group Participates in the “Zero Pellet Loss” Initiative

To counter the pollution of coastlines and oceans, the trade associations PlasticsEurope Germany (plastics manufacturers) and the VCI (Chemical Industry Association) have founded the “Zero Pellet Loss” initiative. The aim is to minimize the loss of pellets or plastic granulates, throughout the process chain. RKW has joined this initiative together with a number of other companies.

Plastic granulates can be lost to the environment during production, distribution, storage, transport and processing.

Part of the Sustainability Strategy

Similarly to numerous other companies, RKW has implemented the “Zero Pellet Loss” initiative in its plants.

This has been achieved in cooperation with the associations and in particular, with the German Association for Plastics Packaging and Films (IK). RKW Executive Board Member Reinhold Franke stresses that the initiative is an integral part of the RKW Group’s sustainability activities and is included in the company’s environmental and product liability guidelines.

By implementing the “Zero Pellet Loss” initiative, the RKW Group is actively propagating more sustainability in the process chain.