The RKW Group Holds an Internal Sustainability Contest

Winner of the fifth RKW Sustainability Award: RKW Nordhorn

In times of diminishing resources and increasing costs, sustainability is of special importance. But what does sustainability really mean? The family-owned company RKW practices sustainability in three ways: By combining long-term economic success with the protection of the environment and social responsibility. In the spotlight are all processes which RKW and its employees can actively influence. Since 2012, RKW has held internal sustainability contests between its locations.

Figures from the three areas economy, ecology and social responsibility form the basis. This information is part of an annual RKW GreenCard survey and improvements within the past three years are evaluated positively. This allows locations with greatly differing manufacturing processes such as recycling, extrusion, printing, packaging, embossing or even the production of nonwovens to be compared to one another. The contest winner is the location with the best evaluation.

The sustainability contest is based on the continuous improvement of figures in all the three above-mentioned areas of sustainability, above all, in processes which RKW and its employees can actively influence. The commitment of all employees is worthwhile, not just for the company’s success but also for the environment which we leave behind for the next generations.