Unrivaled: FPO® - Filled Polymers

FPO® is an RKW specialty demonstrating how product development in terms of sustainability may look: Compounds and films doing without fossil polymers to a degree of 50% and demonstrating their environmentally friendly side in many respects.

This means:

  • less use of polymers
  • reduced energy consumption
  • higher potential of reducing film thickness


Shining Example for Sustainability

In 2010, the Dairy Innovation Award was conferred to RKW. The completely novel packaging concept for yoghurt, consisting of a cup and a cover made of filled polyolefin FPO®, achieved the prize for remarkable sustainability: The material can be drawn 30% thinner than conventional cups, which reduces the use of crude oil by up to 60%. Since the material can be printed directly on-site, additional labeling is not necessary. This way, transport costs and CO2 emissions are minimized.