Downgauging – Less Is More

Downgauging of diverse RKW films

RKW has successfully reduced the thickness of various films over the past years – while maintaining the same excellent film properties. 

From hygiene and silage films through to shrink films for multipacks – RKW employees are constantly looking for new possibilities and techniques to make films even thinner.

Why is this so important in terms of sustainability? From the typical extrusion products, the raw materials cause the highest portion of the overall COemissions. This is the reason why savings in raw materials by means of downgauging have a direct and positive impact on the CO2 balance:

  • saving natural resources
  • direct reduction of COemissions during product manufacturing
  • additional reduction of COemissions during transport
  • cost reduction for customers of the RKW Group
Share of CO2 emissions during product manufacturing | (practical example: FFS sack, 160 µm PE blown film, simple Flexoprint)