Protecting the Future: from an Ecological, Economical and Social Point of View

As a value-based company, the RKW Group advances their sustainability strategies and activities in many areas. The assessment of bioplastics is part of our daily business as well as the participation in various sustainability committeesReduced film thickness or biodegradable films for agriculture are only some of the results based on our sustainability concept.

  • Reduce:  Minimising the use of resources and CO2 emissions
  • Reuse:  Reusing resources as far as possible
  • Recycle:  Product development from a recycling point of view 

From product development over simple handling through to minimum logistics efforts – the 3Rs represent the successful linking of ecology and economy with RKW.

Activities in the Area of Sustainability

  • IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V., Sustainability Workgroup    
  • P&G Suppliers Sustainability Board
  • EDANA Sustainability Forum