RKW Wasserburg: Setting the Highest Standards for 50 Years

RKW Wasserburg
Tag der offenen Tür, 17.05.2014
Tag der offenen Tür, 17.05.2014

Since its very beginning, the Wasserburg plant has specialized in the development and production of polyethylene and polypropylene films. Today, the focus is on applications in the area of Hygiene and Medical, industrial packaging films and films for technical applications. With 50 years of experience, the location is now a market leader in the Hygiene and Medical sector.

The foundation of Wasserburg was laid in 1964 with the building of a new plant by the former ALKOR OERLIKON PLASTICS GmbH. The manufacturer of polyethylene films was aiming to build the most advanced plastics company in Europe. In 1968, the company started operating with 85 employees and mainly produced packaging films.

In 2002, the RKW Group finally took-over the plant. Since then, the product portfolio has been significantly extended and capacities have been progressively increased. Today, Wasserburg employs 370 people including 29 industrial clerk, electronic technician, industrial mechanic and rubber and plastics process engineering apprentices and trainees. The company’s products are supplied to diverse sectors including hygiene, medical, the processing industry, chemicals, automotive and the food processing industries. Core products include:

  • Films for hygiene and medical applications (breathable backsheets, plaster films, wound care films, etc.)
  • Industrial Packaging (shrink films and hoods, barrier films, release films and hoods)
  • Technical Films (vapour barrier films, Films and laminates for protective garments, laminated films, etc.)