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In 1987, the Swedish location was founded by Tetra Pak under the name Filltech R&D AB. FPO® (mineral filled) polyolefine products are manufactured as compoundfilm, or sheet

FPO® - unique and environmentally friendly

Over 20 years of know-how in the development and manufacturing ensures the high quality of the mineral-filled polyolefine products. They are not only unique and environmentally friendly, but also offer a wide range of applications for the food and non-food segment.

Core products

FPO® – Filled polyolefines 

  • FPO® Films for packaging
  • FPO® Films for IML and labels 
  • FPO® Films for FFS applications such as wet wipes 
  • FPO® Films for lid clips 
  • FPO® Compound for films 
  • FPO® Compound strengthener for thermoforming industry


The films, compounds, and sheets are employed in the following industries: food, packaging, and converting industries as well as in the plastics industry in the extrusion and as film.



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