RKW Saint Frères Emballage, France

The French location RKW SFE is specialized in films for consumer and industrial packaging. Established in 1955, the location has been a part of the RKW Group since 2000. 

Packaging solutions – tailored to the customer's needs

The French location offers its customers a wide range of innovative packaging solutions that are individually customized to the respective requirements. These are mainly used as printed and unprinted packaging in the beverage industry and as transport safety film.

Core products

Consumer packaging 

  • Printed and unprinted multipack shrink films for the food industry
  • Films for tissue packaging
    Various film thicknesses
  • Easy to open films: "Zipack Easy Opening"
    Printing in up to 8 colors, printing with metallic inks possible

Industrial packaging 

  • Shrink hoods for pallet safety
  • Anti-fusion films



RKW Saint Frères Emballage S.A.S.
Rue Marius Sire, B.P. 4
80420 Ville le Marclet / France 

Phone:  +33-3-22-39-49-00
Fax: +33-3-22-39-49-63