RKW Remy, France

Located in Saultain, the French RKW location Remy is a specialist in the manufacturing of industrial and heavy-duty shrink films. RKW Remy manufactures high-performance films for the processing industry. 

Market leader in France

Experience and know-how pay off: In France, the company has made a name for itself as the market leader in technical films. The films manufactured by RKW Remy fulfill the highest requirements and are employed in the most diverse industries such as the food and beverage industry, for medical packaging, as well as in the automotive, steel, and metal industries. The hard-wearing shrink films are also used in transport and pallet safety.

Core products

Industrial Packaging 

  • Heavy shrink films and hoods

Technical Films

  • Surface protection films
  • Lamination films
  • Label films



RKW Remy S.A.S.
63, Avenue Henri Barbusse 
59990 Saultain / France 

Phone: +33-3-27-14-72-00
Fax: +33-3-27-36-44-41