RKW Nordhorn, Germany

Europe and the world are the target destinations for the films that are manufactured at this location. They are further processed into exacting hygiene articles or into modern and flexible packaging films in different industrial applications

The Nordhorn location, which was established in 1979 and has been a part of the RKW Group since 2002, is located in the Bentheim county on the border to the Netherlands.

Long-term partner to the glass industry

The RKW location Nordhorn is the center of excellence when it comes to stretchhoods. For 40 years now, the location has been a reliable partner in the manufacturing of tubular shrink film for the stringent packaging requirements in the glass industry. The excellent service as well as the intricate production technologies have both contributed to this. Similarly, the high-quality hygiene films have now assumed a leading position in the further processing of diapers for baby care and adult care as well as for feminine care products

The sustainability in production at the location is ensured by its effective recycling lines.

Core products

Hygiene and Medical 

  • Printed and non-printed films for diapers
  • Films for interlocking systems

Industrial packaging 

  • Stretchhoods
  • Heavy-shrink films
  • Anti-fusion shrink film

Core applications

  • Transport and product protection, especially non-commissioned palletized goods
  • Films for hygiene products



Zweigniederlassung Nordhorn
Euregiostr. 1
48527 Nordhorn / Germany 

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