Liquid bulk liner film

Until the late ‘90s, liquid products were typically shipped in tank containers and PVC or PU-based re-usable tanks.

Hyplast was the first company worldwide to develop an alternative solution and managed to design a film that initiated the introduction of PE-based flexitanks.

Due to the mechanical stress on the film during loading and transport, the composition and the quality of the film is crucial. Bearing in mind that the number of flexitank designs and concepts is very diverse, the development of a workable film requires the input of our partners in the converting industry in combination with our extensive experience and knowhow in this specific field. As a result, most flexitank films are custom-made in close cooperation with our customers.

During production all relevant parameters (raw materials, machine settings, etc.) are constantly monitored and – where need be – modifications are being made in order to be able to guarantee a consistent quality.

Hyplast liquid liner films are used for multi-ply as well as single-ply flexitank manufacturing.

Typical sizes range between 680 cm and 820 cm circumference and  thicknesses between 120 my/4.8 mil and 1000 my/40 mil.

Key characteristics:

  • Consistency
  • Mechanical strength
  • Sealability

Basically any free-flowing non-hazardous PE-compatible liquid product can be shipped in these flexitanks.

Examples of products transported in flexitanks:

  • Food products : vegetable oil, olive oil, wine, fruit juice concentrates, coconut oil, syrups, etc. 
  • Industrial and chemical products : base oils, latex, emulsions, adhesives, lube and transformer oils, shampoos and conditioners, etc.

Let us have your requirements in terms of characteristics and specific special needs, and we will work it out in close cooperation with your specialists.