Over the years Hyplast has been able to establish and continue to develop a solid reputation as a manufacturer of specialised films for the industrial market.

State-of-the-art equipment and a lot of experience and skills enable us to offer a wide range of films that meet specific and critical customer needs and specifications.

Hyplast is capable of designing and producing high-tech up to 7-layer coextruded blown films in thicknesses ranging from 7 my (0.28 mil) up to 1000 my (40 mil) and up to 20 m (65’) wide.

In the early years, Hyplast gradually managed to build a strong position in the market for dry bulk container liner films. The experience we gathered in that specific field allowed us to design a film for the liquid bulk containerliner market. The cradle of flexitank film can be found at Hyplast.

Along with these special, demanding, and specific liner films we started to design and market high barrier films for specific niche markets. The bulk of these special films are custom-made to meet very specific  requirements, especially in terms of mechanical strength and oxygen barrier characteristics. Our 7-layer coextrusion blown film line allows us to design and offer complex films with Polyamide (Nylon) and/or EVOH in widths up to 650 cm (21’).

Obviously these markets and applications tend to be very critical. Besides our knowhow and experience the quality of the raw materials plays a crucial role for the performance of this type of films.

We acknowledge that elements like consistency and the level of traceability through the entire production process are quintessential in order to be able to guarantee optimum customer satisfaction and service levels.

As we are fully aware of the diversity in terms of applications and requirements, we will always try to build a strong partnership with our customers so that we can jointly further improve our products and find better solutions.      

Key indicators:

  • Custom-made solutions
  • Consistency
  • Traceability
  • Longterm Partnership
  • Prime resin

All our industrial (liner) films comply with EC and FDA food regulations.

Major product lines: