Dry bulk liner film

Dry bulk liners are used for transporting free-flowing dry bulk materials in ISO standard 20’/30’/40’ containers. They are in use around the world for a growing range of granular and powder products as a highly cost effective and time saving alternative to traditional intermediate packages.

Dry bulk liners form a clean and dry protective barrier between the product and the inside of a container.

For many years Hyplast has been a supplier of dry bulk liner film. Because of the requirements in terms of strength and durability, the manufacturing of these films require the use of multilayer coextrusion technology as well as the input of high-grade LDPE and LLDPE resins.

Most of these liner films are custom-made in order to meet specific requirements in terms of strength, weldability, size, thickness, etc.

Besides common type dry bulk bulk liner films Hyplast is also capable of designing and manufacturing films for more specific applications that require just that extra flavour or characteristic as there are : anti-static performance, high temperature resistance, increased resistance to abrasion, etc.

Typical sizes range between 800 cm and 1000 cm circumference and  thicknesses between 100 my/4 mil and 180 my/7.2 mil.

Basically any free-flowing non-hazardous PE-compatible product can be shipped in these dry bulk liners

Examples of products transported in dry bulk liners :

  • Non-hazardous free-flowing products : flour/malt, milk powder, raisins, rice, spices, sugar, salt, seeds, etc.
  • Bulk products in granular or powder : PE/PP/PET resin, solid acids, pigments, fertilisers, etc.

Let us have your requirements in terms of characteristics and specific special needs, and we will work it out in close cooperation with your specialists.