Barrier and specialty films

For many applications in the world of packaging regular and standard polythene formulations do no longer meet the industry’s requirements and needs. More and more applications and new developments require the use of special resins that combine excellent strength with e.g. superb oxygen barrier characteristics.

The role and potential of Hyplast in these specific niche-markets (liners for FIBC, etc.) is growing rapidly.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art 7-layer blown film extrusion line Hyplast is in a position to offer and design a wide range of products these markets and applications are demanding.

On this 7-layer line sizes range from 50 cm to 650 cm, thickness ranges from 7 my to 350 my.

Typical film make-up:

  • PE/PA/PE
  • PA/PE/PA
  • Permanent  anti-static films suitable for B,C,D (FIBC) bags

Typical characteristics:

  • Oxygen Transmission Rates as low as 0.3 cc/m²/day (at 23°C and 75% RH)
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Good sealability
  • Anti-static : surface resistance below 1E11 at 12 % RH and 23 °C

We are eager to discuss and explore your specific needs and requirements.