RKW HydroSpun, Germany

The manufacturer of high-performance nonwovens was established in Halberstadt in 2005, and has been an independent subsidiary of the RKW Group since 2007. In using a worldwide unique technology, the location can manufacture hydroentangled spunbond nonwovens and thermobonded spunbond nonwovens in-line on its ownn manufacuring plant. 

Global leader in innovation

The HydroSpun location is the first company worldwide that has applied the hydroentangled spunbond nonwovens and thermobonded spunbond nonwovens technology that was manufactured in-line at its own production facility. Since then the location has been a pioneer in this segment. 

Innovation and customized solutions are the specialty of the location. The experienced team of employees is specialized in the unique RKW HyJet® nonwoven technology and exceeds expectations through ultimate perfection in the development and manufacturing of these nonwovens.

Core products

Hygiene and Medical 


  • RKW HyJet® – hydroentangled spunbond nonwovens made from 100% polypropylene in the 
    weight class from 25 to 180 g/m²
  • Spunbond – thermobonded spunbond nonwovens made from 100% polypropylene in the 
    weight class from 12 to 120 g/m²

Technical Films and Nonwovens 

Both materials can be equipped with different colors, hydrophilic or hydrophobic equipment, UV stabilization, flame-retardent equipment and other additives. 

Ongoing further developments ensure that the nonwovens fulfill the requirements of a wide range of applications: supporting material for laminates and composites, filters, spring frame, wipes or protective covers for cars.


Companies representing the automotive, construction, furniture, hygiene, agriculture, as well as many other industries trust the products and the services of RKW HydroSpun GmbH. 



RKW HydroSpun GmbH 
Osttangente 17
38820 Halberstadt / Germany 

Phone: +49-(0)3941-5-95-43-10
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