RKW Finland, Finland

The Finnish location is specialized in the development of packaging solutions for industry. The location was established in 1920 in Pori and has been a part of the RKW Group since 2000. The product range includes plastic sacks, different packaging filmslabel films and laminated products such as roofing underlay films.

Packaging solutions – tailored to the customer's needs

Experience and ongoing development have played a large role in the success of the Finnish location. In the 1960s, with the introduction of plastic sacks, the production of packaging materials rapidly increased. In this fashion, the following years saw the location grow into one of the largest European companies for packaging with the focus on plastic sacks, bags for the retail industry, as well as packaging and technical films.

Core products

Industrial Packaging 

  • Valve sacks
  • Open mouth sacks
  • Handy sacks
  • FFS films
  • Stretchhoods
  • Timber Wrap

Consumer Packaging 

Technical Films

  • Label films
  • Roofing underlay films
  • Lamination films
  • Surface protection films

Core applications

  • Sacks
  • FFS films
  • Beverage films
  • Label films
  • Underlay films
  • Timber Wrap

From the extrusion to the processing of sacks, the manufacturing process is set up in four levels: extrusion of mono and co-extrusion films, printing, laminating, and the processing of sacks. In the recycling plant, regranulate is extruded from film residue.


The films are mainly used in the construction, beverage, and fertilizing industries as well as in the chemical industry.


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