To Achieve Excellent Results

State-of-the-art technologies are the basis of the business success. The RKW Group is uncompromising in their striving for excellent quality since this is the only way how customers can always obtain the top products they expect as demanding partners. Regular investment in new production facilities and technologies ensure the products’ high degree of innovation and quality.  

Whether polyethylene or polypropylene films, whether nonwovens or nets – RKW is a master of the most complex production processes. Here, state-of-the-art technologies are applied so that the customers always receive the solution which meets their requirements in an optimum way.

Market Leader Due to State-of-the-Art Technology

High-quality plastic films are produced by means of extrusion – either by blown film or cast film extrusion, depending on the requirements. Films of up to seven layers are produced in state-of-the-art extrusion lines. RKW offers a wide range of innovative film solutions individually fitted to the customers’ demands. The films can be printed
with up to ten colors
 in excellent quality. Be it coating, laminating, embossing, or perforating – the products are tailored individually. 

As the first company worldwide, RKW has applied the technology of hydro-entangled and thermo-bonded spunlaid nonwovens produced inline on a production line. Here as well as in the production of carded nonwovens, RKW is the leading provider.


  • Compounds

    Compounding is the process by which different raw materials of different consistencies are mixed and homogenized to form a granulate. The RKW Group produces its exclusively mineral-filled compounds in-house. The relevant formulations are based on our many-year experience in plastics production.

  • Nets

    The RKW Group is one of the leading manufacturers of round-bale nets in Europe. As the inventor of the round-bale net, RKW had used warp knitting looms, which are also called “Raschel machines”, for their production for the first time.


  • Laminates

    RKW produces an extensive range of film to nonwoven laminates for many different markets, and using a variety of technologies. (The range does not include aluminium or PET film)

  • Hydro-entangled spunbond nonwovens

    Aside from carded and spunbond nonwovens, RKW produces hydro-entangled spunlaid nonwovens. In production, the individual filaments are joined using strong water jets.


  • Customizing Technologies

    Be it stretching, embossing, perforating, laminating, or printing – RKW is a master of any technology used for further processing and refining the films and nonwovens to meet the customers’ requirements.