Thinking Globally – Acting Close to the Market

RKW can look back on numerous innovations that have become standards in many markets today. Also in the future, RKW will develop excellent products and solutions to meet the demands of the customers and to seize the opportunity of achieving profitable growth all over the world.

The Driver: Market Requirements

Closeness to the market and thus custom-fit product development are the big advantages distinguishing the globally-active Group with more than 20 locations and independent distributors in four continents. Short paths and a direct exchange of information as well as regular transfer of know-how within the cross-company network allow a timely and interactive promotion of innovations.

New ideas directly on the spot

Each location has its application engineersdevelopment engineers and laboratory capacity. All development engineers have access to central databases containing the documentation of the essential development projects and their results. Due to this and due to regular cross-location R&D meetings, knowledge is exchanged in an efficient way. RKW is convinced that this is the only way to put into practice an efficient development which is close to the customers and to production.