Five good reasons.

There are many good reasons for choosing RKW as an employer. We reveal which always motivate us anew.

1.    We like being surprised.

Your cultural heritage, gender or age are not important. We are interested in your skills, ideas, commitment and personality.

2.    You will be a part of us before you know it.

We look forward to new colleagues. To their abilities and experience, their inquisitiveness and their personal view of things. This is why rookies and “old hands” feel welcome and at home in our teams.

3.    For us, plastics are art.

Regardless of whether in research and development, production or marketing: We maintain our skills – with new innovations, outstanding products and first-class service. Being successful at the top: That is the ultimate motivation.

4.    You can discover the world with us.

You will be promoted and you can develop in many ways. Locally on-site or internationally at one of the 21 RKW locations in nine countries.

5.    We don’t just talk a lot about respect. We practice it.

Open for others. A relaxed working climate, characterized by helpfulness, fairness and team spirit. Intensive discussions as equals: We nurture cooperation internally and beyond departmental and national boundaries. This always feels good and everybody benefits.