Words and deeds.

Other companies write about their mission statements, their goals, and so on. On RKW's website I only found this one word: "respect." That captivated me immediately. Respect is what it is all about; it's the core value: You are honest. You are good at what you do. You respect others. Respect is the umbrella under which all other values can unfold. At RKW, respect is not only a term I encounter on the website, but respect is prevalent throughout all levels of the application process.

From Shakespeare's merchant into management

I studied English Literature. Shakespeare is my favorite author. Language helps in understanding a country and its values. But after receiving a degree in English language, the market did not offer a lot of options – with an English Literature degree, one is limited to become a teacher or a translator. My career in industry was not planned. But as soon as I began working in Human Resources, I knew I really loved my job. I once worked for an Egyptian company and other international firms, even for a construction company. But the construction industry is not that dynamic. I feel most at home in the area of industrial manufacturing.

I have now been working for RKW Egypt in Cairo for several months. We have over 50 employees. Our manager comes from Germany. He asks a lot of questions, but he also listens very carefully. He is also learning Arabic. He is a part of the family.

And even with my colleagues in Frankenthal I always have a direct and open line of communication. There are no barriers, no limitations.

Employees as customers.

I see my position as an objective broker between management and the employees. Human resources is a service department. My employees are my customers! I want them to be happy, and not just content.