“I studied plastics engineering. I wrote my master thesis at RKW in Pori. That was a good possibility to establish contacts; I could prove myself in first projects. The whole company supported me, I could ask any question, even stupid questions, all colleagues were very helpful. For me it was a very simple decision to stay with RKW after completing my master's degree.

At first I worked in the field of research and development in Pori, I had been head of the laboratory for three years. After that I was looking for a new challenge. Two years ago I became production manager, and now I am also in charge of maintenance. Being a female manager in industrial production I am no exotic in Finland. There are probably not particularly many female business unit managers but quiet a few female production managers.

I experienced a thorough initial training. During an exchange program I visited several RKW sites, among others in Echte and in Nordhorn in Germany. I meet colleagues from other countries on a regular basis, e.g. in the yearly extrusion managers meeting; we swap ideas, compare our benchmarks, learn from each other. It also helps that a good sense of humor prevails in our company. I can approach coworkers and ask, with a twinkle in my eyes: 'A young manager needs help: What does XY mean???'. If someone makes a mistake you talk about it over a cup of coffee.

I personally give thanks for good performance and special commitment. But we Finns are very modest; we downplay compliments from others. In Finland we do not use last names, everyone is at first name terms with each other. It is typical for our culture that all production workers can approach me directly with their requests. But then this management style is also characteristic for RKW.

Why I would recommend RKW as employer? All my experiences have been positive. Thus: why not? In Pori, most of the employees have been working for RKW for a very long time. This indicates that they are happy. Now there will be new blood, newcomers like me. Of course the new generation wants to do things their way, but all respect and understand it if we want to change something. There was a time when they were young, too."