Drilling teeth? Teaching? Or ...

I used think I would be a dentist. Or I would study English to be a teacher. My friend’s mother pointed out that RKW was offering training to become an industrial mechanic. I absolutely did not want to do that. Previously I had done an internship for a Mechatronics Engineer and it was not for me. Then I completed an internship at RKW. When I saw an extruder for the first time, I just stood there and thought wow! That is a 26-meter (approx. 85 ft.) high construction. Even today I still find it totally fascinating.

I quickly decided to do the training at RKW. Now I am working in industrial engineering and maintenance and repairs. We service the extrusion lines. It’s great that I can see what I have done at the end of every day. My work is so varied, from servicing and maintenance work through to cleaning the individual components of the ultra-modern extrusion line. I like the fact that I need to use my brain and have patience when, for example, I am making a specific part with a tolerance in the area of plus/minus one tenth of a millimeter.

My friends were flabbergasted.

I am the first female trainee in industrial mechanics at the Petersaurach site. I feel proud because RKW chose me out of a lot of applicants. I get on well in our team. If there are very heavy parts a work colleague will, of course, give me a hand. But I neither receive preferential treatment nor am discriminated against. My friends have preferred to choose professions such as working as shop assistants or nursing. They were flabbergasted at first. But now they really like my decision.

Granddad's dream.

For me, respect does not only mean recognition of achievement, but more than anything, not excluding others because of the color of their skin, their gender, or their choice of profession. That applies to everyone, also to parents, teachers, employers. Whoever expects to be respected must also show respect. Respect is give and take. I have the greatest respect for my granddad. Back then, he built up his own company as a master painter and decorator. He made his dream come true.

Master craftswoman in a few years?

In the first training year I had the intercompany vocational training in Nuremberg. Every morning I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning and was then on the go for twelve hours. I am happy that I am doing the on-the-job training at RKW, and not only because I now have more free time for friends, family, cinema, and football. The solidarity here is great. Everyone is there for each other.

I don’t know whether I shall keep working after the training or if I shall go back to school. Even then I would want to stay at RKW and continue my education as, for example, a technician or master craftswoman.