Ms. Ratchanu Kiatwatcharakul, you worked for a well-known consulting company and an international cosmetics group. Why did you now choose to join RKW?

“I had the idea while I was on vacation in Germany. I wanted to try something new, a new culture and another style of management. And remember, RKW is the market leader”.

How do you like RKW after about six months?

“A lot. I like the open corporate culture. I have often noticed how people in Germany are wary of people who cannot speak the language well. But the people at RKW are different: Everybody here is very helpful and the working atmosphere is excellent”.

What role does respect play?

“My opinion is that I have to first show respect to the team. The team will then also respect me”.

Have you already made friends with some colleagues?

“Oh yes! We sometimes go out together and have even been to an ice hockey match when the Adler Mannheim played”.

What are your functions as a controller?

“I see myself as an advisor. I enjoy my work but enjoyment is not the aim of my work. I want to contribute to making the company more profitable and successful”.

What will be your next steps at RKW?

“At the moment, I am familiarizing myself in the headquarters in Frankenthal and learning German. In a few months time I will go to other locations to learn something about the manufacturing processes”.

What do you consider typically German?

The environmental awareness of people. That all stores are closed on Sundays: During my first weekend here, I had nothing to eat and I couldn’t even buy an egg! And that people like to go for walks. In Thailand it is too hot outside; they rather go for a stroll through a mall”.