I studied German because I found Miroslav Klose so fantastic. During the 2006 World Cup, there was a lot about Germany on Chinese television. I liked everything. But the language is only a tool, an instrument. I did not want to be a German teacher, but to gather expertise. That’s why I went to Germany with just a suitcase and a backpack after I finished studying German. I was 21. Mannheim was my dream university: in the heart of Germany, with a mild climate, in a baroque castle, and the highest ranked university.

Kant and Confucius.

I studied business studies, German, and philosophy. Studying philosophy helped me to understand my German friends better. Asian culture is collectivist. Confucius says that respect is very important. Here in Germany it is much more individualistic. The German wonders, “Am I happy?” The Chinese person thinks, “If you are happy, so am I.”

I have been living alone in Germany for six years. It was difficult on birthdays. I never had my family with me. I began to work as a general trainee at the RKW headquarters in June 2014. My birthday was in August. When I came into the office on that day, my boss had baked cake and muffins. The muffins were still warm ... I received flowers, a gift, and everyone gave me a hug. It was a wonderful day. I felt as if I were part of a family. We talk to each other a lot, even cook together at lunchtime. We all try to help each other and to help each other to improve.

To China and back.

I chose RKW because it is a family-run business and not a DAX corporation (listed on the German stock exchange). At the same time, RKW is very innovative. We manufacture a variety of products for a large number of applications. I wrote about the management of innovation in a chemical company for my thesis. As a general trainee I have been getting to know different departments such as marketing, sales, or research & development for the past two years ...

RKW places a great deal of importance on trainees finding out what they enjoy and how they can develop at the same time. I am able to choose areas and locations which are of particular interest to me. I am going to spend at least six months abroad, probably in China. I think the USA would also be interesting.

Surprise me!

I hope that I will soon be able to take on more responsibility and continue to find new challenges. I like variety and change. And I enjoy learning how others view the world. That’s why I like working in the marketing and communication areas, because here we work with our colleagues around the world.

I do not wish to spend the next ten years only working in China or at the German headquarters. Perhaps RKW will plan to start up a new business in Canada ;-). I am also looking for new challenges in my personal life. I have tried out a lot of things – canyoneering, rafting, bungee-jumping, parachuting ... Whatever I take on, I see it through to the end. It is important to think positively. I tell myself that I’ll manage, whatever happens.