At school, one can imagine, for example, what a baker does. But seriously: Did you have any idea about the life of a process technician?

“No, absolutely none. But while I was at school I did a number of internships at companies. I liked RKW best of all: The way the trainers treated us and how the apprentices treated each other – all were very friendly. Even the work fascinated me, the machines and the variety of products. The feeling grew during my apprenticeship. It’s a great feeling when you attend to a machine together with great colleagues”. 

In the meantime, you are in your third year, and youth representative…

“Yes, I am the contact person for all apprentices and younger employees. If somebody has a problem, they can always turn to me. I can either try to help myself or I can contact the Works Council. But: The apprentices are so happy that not one of them has come to me with a problem”.

In your function, are you taken seriously by your older colleagues?

“Yes. As a person and as an apprentice, I am taken seriously and respected”.

What does respect mean to you?

“Accepting other as they are and to do my best. Respect must be mutual. Older colleagues must take the time to listen to the younger people. And they should appreciate the age and experience of the older employees”.

Do you have a role model?

„Hmmm … Martin Luther. He saw a situation which had always existed and wondered if things could not be different. And he didn’t give up in the face of resistance. He was somebody who knew what he wanted”.

Do you also know what you want?

“Yes. When I am finished, I want to work and gather experience. Earn money. Then, perhaps, I will train to become a master craftsman or go to technical college. My work here has a future. The products are always being improved and new technologies are always being introduced. Things will remain interesting”.