What was your first impression of RKW?

“I applied to a number of companies for an apprenticeship. At the others, I had to do day-long assessment tests. At RKW I had a very thorough interview. I think my personality counted for more. I liked that”.

Outside the industry, nobody knows the products that RKW manufactures…

“That’s true. At the beginning I thought that was a pity. But here in this locality, people know that RKW is a good company because many employees spread the word. Even though we don’t make products which people know. I sometimes like telling people how our high tech products work and that they are used, for example, in baby diapers”.

What are your functions?

After my apprenticeship, I worked in the purchasing department for nine months. At my request, I then changed to the personnel department where I am still getting to know the work. Later I will be responsible for the trade apprentices. We hold interviews, finalize contracts and are the contact persons for all questions. We organize apprentice excursions and write cards to future apprentices, just to say, Hi, we are looking forward to seeing you”.

Do you see yourself as an ambassador of the company?

“Yes, we are perceived outside by how we present ourselves, on the phone or at exhibitions. And of course internally, by other employees. I think we do a good job and I think that RKW is a congenial company”.


“All colleagues are friendly; contacts are good, even between employees in production areas and the administration. The company does a lot for its employees. Small gestures like snacks for the spring festival. Vacation pay and special payments. The atmosphere is good.

It’s a custom here that young management trainees look after the new apprentices. We make sure that nobody is left behind. We do this on our own initiative and our group is getting bigger.

And which targets do you look forward to?

“I will get my training certificate at the end of the year 2013. I then want to do a sandwich course to become a personnel specialist. My bosses support this plan: They are always pleased when somebody develops their skills”.