About numbers and people.

I used to be employed at companies that did business by strictly following an agenda. RKW is not only driven by numbers. We just concluded a conference of the HR managers from all of the RKW sites. I felt comfortable interacting with this group of people. RKW gives people a good feeling – just like in a family.

There are many ways in which a goal can be reached. Every person is unique. Every person has good ideas that we will not discover if we do not listen. RKW agrees with this vantage point. I enjoy lots of freedom at work, and the managers want ideas from outsiders; from people who think "outside of the box." They want to listen.

In Guangzhou/China we have an international team. Germans with and without international work experience, Chinese and Finnish nationals; here, it is more about culture than personality. I try to be close to my employees and to also understand their personal and family-specific situations. I treat them in a friendly manner and am not presumptuous. I am careful to keep the necessary distance required of a manager.

It is important to understand how mistakes happen. I do not blame the employee that made the mistake, but instead I look for the source of the mistake and actions to resolve the consequences caused by the mistakes. Perhaps the mistake was a result of my management style; maybe I didn't spend enough time on the project. For everyone, the most important question is: What did we learn from this mistake?

Importance of strategy and leadership.

I have been working for RKW for one year. For me, it is important to understand the executive management board's way of thinking as well as the company's structure and strategy. This is the only way in which I can find the right employees to create the best possible team and to subsequently further develop this team. Of course, it makes a big difference if you are working in a new location such as RKW Guangzhou or in a longer established location such as RKW Lotus Vietnam: In order to be successful, various strategies and management styles must be implemented in HR management, in particular pertaining to the hiring and management of employees.

Our own way.

Asia doesn't just learn from the western world, but also from Japan and Korea. However, we cannot simply copy methods and ways of working. That doesn't work. We have to find our own solutions; our own way. I am very proud of the manner in which we have established our team in Guangzhou. Enjoying a laugh together is very important.