There are two sides to objectivity.

Figures are a language in themselves. At RKW I am responsible for this language, which has to be interpreted clearly. “Large” is relative. “100 million” is clear. A controller is factual. But that is not enough. You also have to be able to slip into the shoes of others.

My grandparents come from China, my parents grew up in Cambodia and I grew up in France. Now I live and work in Germany. I have taken the best bits from all of these worlds. From Asia I have learnt respect for elders, more experienced colleagues. From France, the capacity to be open to everything. And in Germany, objectivity and honesty. You say what you really think.

Before, I used to feel that this directness showed a lack of respect. Now I can understand it. At the age of 32, I am a young Director at RKW. This might be a problem in other countries. Not in Germany. This is where the job counts.

First practice and then theory.

In France I took my higher school-leaving certificate in literature, philosophy and then studied Applied Foreign Languages. It was only in my fourth year that I added business studies and then also controlling at a later date. I always wanted to prepare myself professionally. As a controlling trainee at RKW I was able to do that. Why did I decide on controlling after a higher school-leaving certificate in literature and studying languages? I first came into contact with product calculations whilst I was doing my thesis in marketing. My boss quickly noticed that I had a great affinity with numbers and suggested that I should follow a career in controlling. First of all I worked at the headquarters at RKW. When a need arose in controlling in France, I was sent there. Here I was able to gather extensive practical experience. I also quickly read up on the theory. I enjoy reading long books, no matter how dry they are.

For me respect means trust. I am supported in learning when I need help or if I have made a mistake. I not only receive feedback from my superiors, but also from colleagues. I show them my respect in this way too.

Have courage!

I would recommend starting a career at RKW to university graduates, because they can gain a wide range of experience here. They would be able to come into contact with people in all areas and at all levels. The hierarchies at RKW are very flat. This quickly provides a lot of freedom for a new employee.

You have to be able to cope with that. At RKW you have a lot of autonomy. A lot of freedom. You need the courage to use it. You need the courage to create your own path. And the passion. It marks out the best performers.