Mr. Hahn, warehouse logistics – That is not on the list of the top ten dream jobs. What made you choose that profession?

Friends of mine had already done the training and had recommended it. And I really enjoy it. In warehouse management, we coordinate everything that comes in and goes out. I check whether the goods which have come in are in perfect condition and send them out to the clients. In the high-rack warehouse, I remove goods from the warehouse according to a list. My duties for the whole week are set out for me in the training schedule. I have a lot of variety, meet new people, and am always learning; which includes learning things that I can use in my day-to-day life, such as how a load can be safely secured in a car. In 2014, I was in two departments in the logistics office, in the production control and the assembly of the deliveries. In 2015, I am going to learn about procurement. I am in my second year of training. We have had a new trainee on board since the beginning of September 2014. I am also training him and therefore now also have responsibility.

And why did you opt for RKW?

I applied to several companies. I really liked the job shadowing at RKW. The work colleagues were very relaxed towards me. I also had other offers but I chose RKW because of the good workplace atmosphere. I feel that you should respect everyone, regardless of where they come from or what they look like. At RKW, differences do not count; everyone treats you the same way.

Do you do shift work?

Yes. During the training I did the early shift from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. That is fairly early, but then I have a big chunk of my afternoon off. After my vocational training, I also work the late shift. At night we don’t work in the warehouse.

Who do you respect in particular?

My parents. They have been an example of everything for me – a happy family life and working well together. I want to have the same for myself one day.

What is important for you in your working life?

For me, the same thing applies both in my personal life and in my job. You have to get on well with people. If necessary, I can work with anyone but a good atmosphere at work is the most important thing for me. There are about 20 of us working in the warehouse and in the logistics office. I have known most of them for a long time. When something is urgent, we work hard to get it done and we push each other. But we also have fun with each other. And twice a year we take a weekend camping trip.

How do you explain to your friends what RKW does?

I explain it quite simply: RKW is an international company that manufactures plastic film for Coca Cola or lemonade six packs. That can give them a bit of a picture ;-).

Have you any plans for the future?

When I decided to do the training it was important to me that I had a lot of options. Here, after the training, I could do further training to be a warehouse supervisor for example, or go to the higher vocational school and then be a business economist or business administrator. That would be interesting. But I could also continue as a specialized worker or shift supervisor.