"Extrusion is an art. Through the interaction of the ambient air, the air in the bubble or tube and the molten resin extruded from the annular ring, a huge balloon-like tube is created. Influencing factors like the temperature must be monitored closely. It needs patience and skill until the plastic tube has the right thickness and quality. Only then can it be folded, pressed and wound up onto rolls….

I love this work and I love this machine. It’s an indescribable feeling when the machine is working perfectly.

I started here at RKW in Petersaurach as a machine assistant about 15 years ago. My supervisor promoted to me because I had good technical and people skills. RKW looks after its people, and not just financially. The bosses create opportunities and help employees progress. You can go far at RKW if you want to and if you are good.

I was born in Turkey and my parents came to Germany when I was a child. Respect is an important virtue in Turkish culture and for me, it goes without saying. Even today, I would never smoke a cigarette in the presence of my father. One cannot work without showing respect and manners to older and younger people alike. I like listening to people and responding to what they say.

For the last two and a half years, I have been working at the new RKW plant in Egypt. Ten of us are here from Germany and each has a different skill. We can repair or adapt machines and thus get them operational in the Cairo-based plant. At the same time, we are training our Egyptian colleagues on how to handle the machines. The third aspect is achieving high quality. I have learned a lot, gathered valuable experience and now even speak some Arabic. Every two to three months, I go back home for three weeks vacation. At the end of the year, I will return to Petersaurach permanently".