“I started training to become a process engineer at RKW in 1998. I must admit that I reached this decision by chance but it was the right choice and I enjoyed it. I managed to reduce my training by six months. I received a lot of support from the company while preparing for my exams.

Afterwards, I got to know various areas within the plant. My boss then motivated me to take my master craftsman examinations. The preparations lasted about half a year and I was able to make-up this time with holiday entitlements, overtime entitlements and two months of parental leave. The master craftsman course dealt with academic fundamentals, details of technologies and also personnel leadership.

Today I am a foreman; my boss is the shift leader. My job? I convey the objectives of the company in such a way that the workers can understand and implement them themselves. This applies to all areas from safety and cleanliness on the shop floor to checking raw material stocks and product quality. Every employee is responsible for his or her machine.

I am also the contact person for about 25 people per shift. For me it is important to be fair, open and direct. This is how mutual respect is generated. Respect for me is showing understanding and telling me when I sometimes go too far.

I like the openness at RKW. We all get accurate information; I feel that I am well informed. We are all pretty informal and we engage in numerous joint activities such as weekend trips and barbeques. I have a very safe job because we are growing internationally.

I like my work in the office and on the shop floor. I recently had an offer from another company to be the production manager. But I enjoyed my work here too much. I have many opportunities and plenty of freedom here, almost impossible to beat”.