What does Respect mean to you? Whom do you Respect most? Have you already discovered how Respect for people and products facilitates successful cooperation?

For us at RKW, Respect is a virtue in itself. This means that Respect is not just an important success factor (as our customers always tell us) but also a topic which guides and steers us as a family-owned company.

We feel responsible for the people who work for us. We value every individual employee. And we are pleased about the good atmosphere at RKW and the mutual trust with which we are met.

But now, some real examples:
Examples of the culture of respect at RKW

Respect for employees also means promoting personal career objectives.
How respect can boost your career

We considered this exciting question:
Can one “measure” respect?

Respect is an important virtue all over the world. But every culture interprets respect differently:
Highlights from RKW countries